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Please Note; Our warehouse has been burned to the ground on the 7th of December 2018. Nothing from this site is recoverable. We are in the process of re building and have stock available soon. Please don't send enquiry Emails as they will not be monitored. 

Contact Us:

Noosaville QLD 4566 Australia


 Technical Assistance

We will try to assist you with technical advice but NOT how to fix it. If you suspect a faulty board in your unit, we can test it for you. Our fee is $33.00 plus postage and handling, please contact us first to assure that we have a test rig for it! If not sure what part you need or what is called, send us a picture


Please make sure the part you are requesting is the faulty part in your TV as there will be no refund if it doesn’t fix it.If the PCB purchased fails shortly after, this may be due to an associated item in the adjacent circuitry causing the failure. There will be no refund.

 How to order

To purchase or enquire about any of these parts, send us an Email at

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Select your item and email us for price and availability

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